Community Management Associates

CMA takes a unique approach to property management in that our Property Managers are assigned communities in the areas in which they live. We have found, through the years, that managers who can identify with the communities’ concerns have a greater stake in their success.  This is one strategy which has helped us sustain controlled growth of our core business while maintaining a low turnover among our staff of property and divisional managers.

We constantly strive to improve our services to your community.  We answer our phones and listen to our customers.  We are involved in our communities and are helpful, well-trained and courteous.  Our recruiting practices stand out in the field of Association management.  We look outside the industry to locate quality employees with varied skill sets to help broaden our product offering and client satisfaction. 

Some of the past careers of our current employees include:  a fireman, a volunteer sheriff, large retail upper management, marketing & sales professionals, former “” folks, TV personality for a landscaping TV show, airline management and many former Association Board members.  All of our employees bring a fresh perspective to our clients and products.  Whether they are a seasoned veteran property manager or new to the industry, they bring with them years of proven management experience.

Our CMA Agent

Ioana Fields


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